Our Services

Our Services

  • Canine and Feline Wellness Programs: Complimentary exams are given to all new puppies and annual vaccination appointments.

  • Therapeutic Services: We have laser therapy used for inflammation, pain, and to promote healing for conditions like disc disease, wound healing, and multiple joint, tendon, and ligament injuries.

  • Surgical Services: We perform our surgeries with a CO2 surgery laser which cuts with a laser beam resulting in less blood loss and decreases healing time by causing less pain and and swelling. We do most all surgeries except orthopedics requiring pinning and plating. We may refer high risk patients that may need special anesthesia or monitoring.

  • Anesthesia: We customize our anesthesia based on a patients age, laboratory results and overall health condition of the patient. Patients heart rate, respiration rate, and O2 concentration are monitored during the procedure.

  • Internal Medicine Consults: Based on laboratory and clinical findings, we will determine the best medical treatment plan for your pet and if necessary refer to a more specialized facility if needed and desired by the client.

  • Radiology Services: We have digital radiology to provide high quality films that can be emailed or copied to a disc for any referral or consultation services if needed.

  • Dentistry: We perform dental prophylaxis, extractions, and some oral mass removals. We prescribe antibiotics prior to most dental procedures and recommend maintenance programs after the procedures.

  • Laboratory: We have a full in house laboratory and only send samples out for expensive tests or test not frequently performed.

  • Permanent Identification: We offer Home Again microchipping and register your pet online the same day the microchip is implanted.

  • Pharmacy: We have a large selection of pharmaceutical products, host an online pharmacy, have access to call any commercial pharmacy, and can have medications compounded and sent directly to the client if the medications are not readily available or need to be produced in a form which can be easily administered to your pet.

  • Individualized Flea Control Programs: We stock Nexgard, Bravecto, Credelio, Advantage Multi, Frontline Plus, and Catego. We can tailor a flea and tick program to meet each individual pet based on duration of production and topical versus oral formulation.

  • Dietary Counseling: We recommend and sell Hills Science Diet and Hills prescription diets to meet the dietary life stage and medical nutritional requirements for your pet.

  • Behavioral Counseling: We are glad to discuss training topics or behavioral issues. Some may be issues that can be corrected with a management change, others might need to be treated with medication and others may need referral to a behavioral specialist.

  • Boarding: We have boarding facilities and offer these services only to established clients. All animals must be current on their vaccinations.

  • Bathing: We do bathing. Prices are based on size. All animals must be up to date on the vaccinations we require.

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